English Pronunciation | Vowel Sounds | Improve Your Accent & Speak Clearly


right now we're going to study English

vowel sounds why because you can get

yourself into a lot of trouble by using

the wrong vowel sound in English words

so we need to fix that right

okay if you've watched my IPA

introduction video then you'll know

exactly what all these symbols mean this

is the international phonetic alphabet

and I use it a lot when I'm teaching

pronunciation to my English students if

you don't know what they are that's okay

you just need to watch the video up

there first then you can watch this one

that video will make this video much

easier to understand okay so these are

all the English vowel sounds these are

the ones are diphthongs which are also

vowel sounds but there is another video

that I've made especially about

diphthong sounds you can watch it here

so there are all of these English vowel

sounds but only five English vowel

letters a e I owe you how does that work

let's use the letter E as an example

when you see the letter E in an English

word it can be pronounced in a few

different ways short e as in egg long e

as in she long with an accent as in cafe

or the lazy schwa sound oh the sound is

so lazy Oh like eleven eleven so let's

look at this group of English sounds

remember that their sounds

not English letters now let's look at

the first two sounds e and E these

Psalms caused a few problems

English learners e and e let's look at

this example beach it has the long vowel

sound in this word e beach if you

mispronounce this long vowel sound and

use the short e sound you'll say bitch

that's redwood beach each here's another

example sheet sheet it uses the long

vowel sound but if you accidentally use

the short vowel sound you'll say shit

that is also a really rude word so long

vowel sounds and short vowel sounds are

important in English the short sound is

it hit sing bit which disk the long

vowel sound is e meat eat beach sheet

believe next we have the vowel sound

oh you'll hear that in words like book

cook sugar and then we have the longer

sound o you'll hear this sound in words

like you to shoe whoo computer let's

move on it's also easy to confuse the

e vowel sound with the short vowel sound

a egg 10 left excellent

below that we have ah ah you'll hear

this sound in words like cat flat

compact that lets go through the middle


next we have my favorite sound it's the

lazier sound in English it's also the

most commonly heard sound in English

you'll hear it a lot today teacher the

around then there's a ah as in her word

first work bird notice that the same

English sound can be used for all of

those different letters in that example

all the words her work and first use

different letters but make the same

sound that's why learning the IPA is

going to help you pronounce English

words better then we have the all sound

or you can hear this word pronounced in

or for BOTS perform saw underneath we

move from the ah sound - ah ah

you can hear this sounded words like cup

butt butter truck then there's the R

sound ah ah as in far cut and hot then

we have the O sound or you can hear this

sound in not on log God forgot so that's

it for English vowel sound pronunciation

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