VIP Leadership Thinking


- Hi, it's AJ and welcome back.

And tomorrow the VIP program starts.


I'm very very excited and I hope you

will join me in the new VIP program,

because it's a special, special program for me

for very special people.

Now today, I want to talk about something

very important.

And the topic is, leadership thinking.

Leadership thinking.

How do successful people think?

How do successful people make decisions?

How do true leaders make decisions?

Because they don't make decisions

in the same way that most people do.

So I want to talk about this, it's very important.

And I'm going to talk about my own

personal way of making decisions,

that has helped me become very, very successful

in a short time.

And I want to share this with you.

So when you have a decision to make,

you're trying to decide, "What should I do?"

Maybe you're trying to decide, should you

join the VIP program?

Maybe you're trying to decide, should you

get a new job, or should you quit your old job?

Any decision really, even a small decision

like should you buy some certain

food at a restaurant?

Or not?

Or what should you eat today?

So we have very small decisions, very big decisions

but successful people and leaders, they think about

decisions differently.

So let me share with you the two important parts

of making decisions, and I think about this

with almost every decision I make.

And when I forget to do this, that's when I

make mistakes.

That's when I make stupid decisions.

So I try to remember these two steps

every time I decide, about anything.

What I'm going to eat, what I'm going to do

what I'm going to buy, when will I travel,

everything, I think about these two important things

to be successful and to be a great leader.

So what are they?

Well the first thing I think about is investing.

What does that mean?

Investing is a business word, right?

Not really.

Investing means you put something in,

for example you spend some money.

But when you invest with money, in business for example,

what do you hope?

Well, you hope that in the future,

sooner or later, the money will come back to you

and even more money will come.


That's investing.

In a savings account in your bank, you put $100

in there, and the next month, you gain a little more.

Not much, for a savings account usually,

but a little bit more, maybe 10 cents.

So you have your $100 and then you get

10 cents more.

Now you have $100 and 10 cents.

That is investing.

You got something more than you put in.

That's good investing.

Now, bad investing, that's when you put something in,

you spend something, and then you lose some.

So you put in $100, and next month

you only have $90.

You lost $10.

That's a bad investment.

So this is how I think about most decisions,

as the first thing I think about.

So for example, most people, they think about

"cheap" and "expensive".

If they're going to buy something, they think,

"Is the price cheap, or is the price expensive?"

And then they decide.

If it's cheap, they think it's good.

Expensive, they think, "Oh, maybe not good."

But they don't think about investing.

Let me give you an example.

I always think about "cheap" and "expensive"

with an investing mindset.

An investing idea.

So for me, I will happily, easily spend

$6000 for a business seminar.

For a business class.

$6000 for me is cheap, if

if I know that I will learn a lot

and in the future, what I learn will help me

make even more and more money.

I will make 6000 and then 10,000

and then 100,000.

And all my life, what I learned will help me.

I did this.

I spent $6000 for a business seminar,

Keith Cunningham's business seminar.

It was cheap.

It was super cheap because I learned so much

that is helping my business, that is helping

me personally.

I know easily in the future, in fact already,

I gained more than $6000 benefit.

And all my life, this knowledge, what I learned

it will be with me all my life.

It will help me all of my life.

For me, that $6000 was cheap

because I think about investing.

Now, on the other hand, for me,

a three dollar or four dollar Starbucks coffee

is super, super expensive.

It's more expensive than the business seminar.

Now most people think that sounds crazy, why?

Because I know that coffee

will not help me in the future.

In fact, I know it will hurt my health.

It will make me less healthy.

Yes, I'll get a little energy from sugar

and caffeine, for a few hours.

But then later, my energy will go down

my health will go down.

It will not help me in the future.

So for me, that three or four dollars,

it's totally a waste of money.

In fact, it's hurting me.

It's a very bad investment.

And therefore, in my mind, that coffee

is super expensive.

So do you see how I think about things differently?

It's not the amount, it's "What will it give me

"in the future, for the rest of my life?"

If I know I will get a lot of knowledge

of happiness, of money, of all of those,

or some of them, then that's a good investment

that's cheap.

If I know it will hurt me in the future, or not help me,

then I know it's expensive, it's a bad investment,

and I won't do it.

So I hope that makes sense to you

and I hope you will start to think about

all of your decisions in this way.

That's the first thing you need to do.

Now there's a second part of leadership thinking.

The second part is, contribution.

Part one, investing, is really about just me.

Will it help me more and more in the future?

Great, yes, then I'll do it.

But then I also think, the next step I think,

okay, not just me, will this

help other people?

Now and in the future?

So again, the business seminar I went to.

What I learned helped me of course.

But it will also help other people, because

my company helps other people.

It helps you, the members, right?

As my company grows, I help more and more

people, more members.

Also, people work for me.

So I give jobs to other people.

That is helping a lot of other people.

And so, that is contribution.

So that business seminar helps me

help more people.

Help other people.

It's a great decision to do that.

The coffee, again.

Does that help other people?

No, not at all.

In fact, usually after a few hours of drinking coffee,

my energy goes down, my feeling and mood goes down,

maybe I'm not so good with other people,

maybe not so nice.

Maybe I'm tired when I'm with other people.

And if I drink that coffee every day,

my health will go down, down, down.

And I will not be able to help people as much.

I will have less energy for other people.

I will be less happy.

That will not help other people.

No contribution.

Again, it's a bad decision.

Now I know a lot of people drink coffee,

I'm not attacking coffee.

It's just an example from my life.

I quit coffee, about six weeks ago.

No more coffee.

Because I thought about this decision.

Is it helping me, long term?

Is it helping me, and I decided, no, it's not.

And I decided, is it helping other people?

And I realized, no, it's not.

So I quit.

And the same with the seminars.

I will spend thousands and thousands of dollars

if it will help me in the future, continue

to grow and have a benefit, and if it will

help other people.

So some of you are asking a lot of

emails and questions.

"Should I join the VIP program?"

"Should I try it?"

Well, it's only one dollar to try, for one week

so probably yes, try it.

But if you want to think more deeply,

think in this way.

Will it help you grow in the future?

Will it give you something in return?

And will it help you help other people?

If yes and yes, then yeah definitely, do it.

Okay, now something else to help you now.

So that's leadership thinking.

Think about this with everything,

with the VIP program decision, yes,

but with all your decisions in your life.

In school, in business, at your job,

with your family, with your friends, everything.

Everything you buy, think about this.

Investing idea, and contribution idea.

Okay, so as you know, tomorrow's the big day.

Now with Power English we had a crazy, crazy time

back in August, remember?

So many people, over half a million people

trying to get Power English, only a few thousand

could get the program.

It crashed our website, it was crazy.

Now this time I think we are more ready.

We have a much better computer system this time.

So that's good.

But still, I want you to think about this

decision carefully.

Using those two things I just talked about.

But also think about it,

is it for you?

Because the VIP program is not for everyone

and it's an exclusive group, it's a special group.

There's two things I want you to think about

before you decide to get the VIP program,

to join it tomorrow.

The first thing, I want you to think about

the Code of Effortless English.

Do you agree to follow the code?

If yes, good.

If no, do not get the VIP program.

Do not join.

The VIP program is only, only for people

who agree to follow the Code.

Remember the Code is, "Do your best".

Do your best, will you do your best?

You'll make mistakes, of course you will.

But will you try to do your best?

Number two, will you do the right thing?

Will you be a good person?

And number three, will you show other people

that you care?

If yes, yes, and yes,

probably the VIP program is good for you.

But there's one more thing I want you

to think about.

And that's the results that you want.

What kind of results, what do you want?

So the VIP program will give you three results.

Result number one, confident English speaking.

I will teach you to speak confidently.

Yes, you will speak quickly, easily and automatically.

But also with confidence.

You'll feel strong and relaxed.

I want other people to listen to you

and respect your ideas.

Do you want that?

If yes, well that's good.

Number two.

Do you want personal success in all parts

of your life?

Do you want to feel stronger and healthier?

Have more energy?

Do you want to get a better job, better career,

make more money?

Have a better business?


Do you want better friendships, and have

a better success in your family?

Better success in all parts of your life.

That's part two.

And finally, part three, most importantly, I think.

Will you help other people?

Will you help your family and friends?

Do you want to help other Effortless English members?

Will you use your confidence, use your success

to help other people?

That is important.

You must answer yes, or do not

join the VIP program.

So if you answered yes, yes, yes, yes

to all of those questions, all of those ideas,

then yes the VIP program is definitely for you.

Try it, just for a dollar.

Try it for a week, get those first lessons,

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And enjoy it, I'm sure you'll love it

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I'm going to teach you how to speak English

confidently, how to be successful in all parts

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And that's the most important mission we have

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So as I said, tomorrow,

we open the VIP program and we have a

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You can try it for seven days for just one dollar.

Now it's a subscription program, so after

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A new commentary about leadership, success,

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Also of course, you will become a member

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So very exciting, I'm so excited about tomorrow.

So, I will see you tomorrow, look in your email,

you'll get an email with the link.

Click the link, you go to the VIP

registration page.

Click that yellow button and register

your information, and then welcome

to the VIP global leadership program.

I will teach you how to speak English

confidently, how to be successful

in all parts of your life, and how to be

a true global leader, someone who helps

other people.

Thank you, I will see you tomorrow.

Have a great day, and welcome.