Del Boy's Poker face - Only Fools and Horses - BBC


What have you got?

I've got Kings.

How many?

Un - deux - trois - quatre.


I didn't know you were good at

Maths Del.

I thought you were bluffing!

Oh no, no, no, no, no, Del

Boy. Not on your Nelly.

- I thought he was bluffing!

- You berk!

- What did you have Del?

- Two pairs.

Two pairs? You went all that

way on two rotten pairs?

I thought he was bluffing?

Well he was bloody well wasn't

was he?

Couldn't give us a lift home

could you Dave?

Yeah, I could as it goes, I'll

drop you of on our ay to the river.

Well Del I'll send the boys round in the morning for the

stuff. It really pains me Del, it really does pain me.

What are you doing?

What d'you mean what am I doing, I'm picking up the

winnings Del, that's what I'm doing!

Oh, no me old mate,not on your Nelly! You

know the rules of the game.

All cards must be shown before

the winnings are collected.

Leave it out will you Del,

you've only got two pairs.

No, no, Trigger. It's alright, let Del have his little

moment, come on Del let's see your two pairs.

I've got one pair of aces.


And I've got

another pair of aces.

That's four aces!!

I didn't know that you were

good at Maths either Boycie.

Four aces! I ain't never seen

it before!

Four aces! Four bloody aces!

Grandad! Sorry! He's got four aces, SEE!

I thought Del Boy might have

something up his sleeve!

Oh look at all that lovely


- I told you I could do it, didn't I, eh?

- Well done.

Oi Rodney now careful what is

your game?

- Well done Del.

- Thanks

Nicely played.

Where d'you get those our

bloody aces from?

Same place you got them Kings!

I knew you were cheating Boycie.

Oh yeah, how?

'Cos that wasn't the hand I

dealt you!