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fluent English effortlessly hi I'm AJ

Hoge the author of effortless English

learn to speak English like a native now

maybe you have bad pronunciation and

when you have bad pronunciation you

often feel embarrassed when you speak

English you often feel foolish because

people don't understand you right when

people give you this face huh huh huh

right they look annoyed they look

frustrated they look confused when you

speak English because your pronunciation

is not good and this will affect your

life it it makes travel more difficult

it makes your job more difficult IELTS

TOEFL more difficult everything is more

difficult when your pronunciation is bad

on the other hand when your

pronunciation is good everything is much

easier people understand you instantly I

think more important than that they

respect you instantly they will not see

you as an English Learner right they

will not see you as someone who's

annoying them who's bothering them

they'll just treat you normally like

they would any other native speaker and

that's great now in a work situation

it's even better because you get that

respect immediately when you have great

pronunciation from your co-workers from

clients bosses from everybody it's it's

powerful and of course on IELTS on

TOEFL and anything else like that man

when your pronunciation is

eight you get a high score it's just as

simple as that they're going to give you

a very high score on the speaking part

when your pronunciation is great and

that's what I made my new effortless

English pronunciation course for train

you not just teach you not just tell you

train you day by day to speak with a

perfect American accent now in the last

video I told you the importance of ear

training that we need to think like

musicians especially jazz musicians and

learn to hear the music of English and

hear it very very clearly including all

those little small sounds that make your

accent perfect you got to hear them

first if you can't hear them you can't

do them well that's just step one of the

training process next a really good

technique this is a training technique

again a lot of pronunciation courses all

the ones I found they kind of teach you

they'll show you the mouth movements you

know put your tongue here and move your

mouth like this that's okay I teach you

that also I have videos in my

pronunciation course every unit has a

video I teach you how to make the sounds

but that's not enough you have to do

more than that you have to train it you

have to practice it day after day and

you have to do it in an effective way

and that's what makes this course

powerful so let me give you one

technique it's a it's simple it's

obvious it's simply pause and imitate

pause and imitate this is obvious but

you have to do it in a very specific way

a lot of people do this but they do it

wrong they do it incorrectly now what do

you do you take a short audio short

audio from a native speaker very

important choose a native speaker

anything from me is fine you can use one

of my free youtube videos the good thing

is I have a very very clear standard

American accent a lot of people say AJ

you're so easy to understand

one reason is I have a very very clear

common standard American accent it's the

accent you hear in movies and TV all the

time you're used to it it's the most

easy to understand accent in the world

that's good for you

so you find an audio with a good clear

accent and then you simply play a

sentence listen carefully pause then you

say the sentence try to say it the same

as the speaker that seems obvious but

here's the important part

you have to exaggerate your

pronunciation what do I mean by that

what I mean is this

you'll hear the speaker say something

for example my name is AJ you listen to

that my name is AJ and then you pause

now it's your turn

most people do this they just say my

name is AJ

they think they're imitating they think

they're doing the same as the audio but

really they're not the energy is

different the feeling is different and

of course the actual accent is different

what you need to do is you have to try

to do everything too much you have to

try to copy the speaker but then do even

more do the accent the American accent

you hear do it super strongly pretend

you're a comedian and you're trying to

make fun of the accent you're you're

doing it to sound funny so you're doing

it super super super strongly extra

strongly see the problem is you think

you're doing the accent but you're

really not it's it's too soft it's not

enough when you exaggerate you will feel

you'll feel you're doing it too much

you'll feel like oh this is ridiculous

this is crazy I'm doing it too strongly

but the truth is you'll sound just


your accent will just sound good it's

strange it's some kind of weird

psychology maybe because you feel

embarrassed but you have to do it much

much more than you think if they're

really exaggerated so hear the audio you

hear hi my name is AJ pause then you do

it you imitate you have to do it 10

times bigger so you say hi my name is AJ

you'll feel like you're doing them

you'll feel like you're doing it way too

strong but in fact you're teaching your

brain to use exactly the correct

pronunciation you think you're doing it

too strong I promise you you're not

you're not doing it too much so you got

a really over exaggerated overdo the

American accent you hear make it too too

too strong and you do it every sentence

play the next sentence pause imitate and

super exaggerated play the next sentence

pause imitate and super exaggerate the

super exaggeration that's the powerful

part okay another technique do that do

that for one day next day you can do a

different technique or you can do that

every day and then do this next

technique also every day now in my

course I'll give you an exact schedule

to follow but if you're doing this at

home just by yourself you can use any

schedule you want alright the next

technique the next technique for

improving your pronunciation find the

text for your audio right get a

transcript the text subtitles anything

just so you can read it now first you're

going to listen to it then you're going

to pause and imitate and exaggerate

pause and imitate and exaggerate do that

a lot then next what you'll do turn off

the audio off you're going to read the

text out loud with a nice strong loud

voice you're going to read it you've

been listening to it so you know the

correct sounds so read it with a nice

strong loud voice and record yourself

this might be a little painful I'm sorry

to say yeah but it's a powerful

technique that will help you improve a

lot record yourself read the whole thing

maybe one paragraph

laughs you know one or one minute

doesn't matter read it aloud with a

strong voice record it then stop play

your audio play your recording listen to

it very carefully listening especially

to the pronunciation to that music of

English listen very carefully next

listen to the original audio the native

speaker listening carefully compare the

two how is your pronunciation different

than the original and it probably will

be quite different it probably will be

very different this is why it might feel

a little painful because suddenly you

will realize oh my god my accent is

horrible oh my god my pronunciation is

terrible I don't sound like the speaker

at all

see when you just do it in your head

you're just practicing you maybe you

think you sound really good

but when you record it the truth is hard

to avoid when you record it and then you

play it and then you compare play yours

play the original play yours again play

the original again do that a few times

listening carefully try to find the

differences there will be a lot of

differences in the beginning this is

good for you though this will start

training your ears to hear the

difference right you'll hear oh wow my

are sound really bad and they're not

like the speakers ours or my rhythm is

weird my rhythm is totally different

than the speaker's rhythm you'll start

to notice your own personal problems

with pronunciation and this will help

you improve just by doing this a lot

recording yourself and comparing you can

do it every day just that will help you

improve your pronunciation a lot a lot a

lot it's a very very powerful technique

especially when you combine it when you

do it with the imitate and exaggerate

technique do both those techniques and

you're going to see a lot of improvement

in your pronunciation

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